I is Moko 68/365


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Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/themagikmaster/

Deviantart: http://thedoodlingdino.deviantart.com


4 thoughts on “I is Moko 68/365

    • Exactly. The entirety and purpose of the Bible is good. Although the bad stuff is absolutely bad, it gives one a greater understanding of the good stuff. How else could one know and grasp God’s infinite love? Man is incapable without God and is in need of his saving grace. Is not the media constantly highlighting this fact? …Whether it knows it or not? 😉

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      • YES!!! God uses the media whether they know it or not. The world is such an evil place! 😦
        The Bible is still a wonderful tool for our everyday lives NOW!
        I love reading your posts every day…. it gives me something to look forward to. AND I save them all in a file… 😉


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