Studying for the Exam


C-3PO: OK, Artoo. Quiz me!

R2-D2: Bip bope bop beeeep boop?

C-3PO: The Law of Thermodynamics.

R2-D2: Beep bope bip bip bop?

C-3PO: New Mexico.

R2-D2: Boop boop beep?

C-3PO: H. G. Wells.

R2-D2: Bip bop beep boop bip bip booooop beep beep bop bope beep bip?

C-3PO: 6,703.

R2-D2: Bop beep boop bip?

C-3PO: The Battle of Geonosis, 22 BBY.

R2-D2: Boop boop bope boop.

C-3PO: Yes! I am going to ace my exam tomorrow – what do you mean I got them all wrong?!

(9/52) 52 Weeks of C-3PO and R2-D2, College Roommates 






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